Asset-light operations
fully control the high-profit links of the industry chain



  • 2008

    Sichuan Shangrui Biological medicine Co. LTD was established
  • 2009

    Shang Ruiyou, Shang Ruixin project research and development
  • 2013

    Sanrui you obtained the production approval
  • 2010

    Obtained the first clinical approval for oral variety
  • 2014

    Shang Ruixin obtained the production approval;
    Acquired Sichuan Huaao Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
  • 2015

    Sichuan Ziteng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD was established
  • 2016

    Ibandronate sodium injection (Shangruiyou) and ketorolac and butriol injection (Shangruixin) were officially sold;
    Sichuan Shangrui Analysis Co., LTD. (testing center) was established
  • 2017

    Shang Ruixin and Shang Ruiyou are included in the national medical insurance
  • 2019

    Shengrui pharmaceutical (production base) established
  • 2020

    The consistency evaluation of ibandronate sodium injection (Shenrui) was accepted